Sketches & stuff

So… while I was on half-term holiday (and since), I drew some things. Only quickly, and with a mouse, as I’m not using the scanner and tablet at the moment, so they’re a bit crappy and a lot less detailed than any of my usual sketches, but here they are. Click to see them better. Also – warning: some medium-size pictures in this post. May be some scrolling involved.

Vince wondered why he'd turned into a girl, then decided there was probably a song for that. (Gift for S.T - "Gig")

A ten-minute mouse doodle that turned into a slightly silly gift for a long-time friend.

For stuff I’m writing

Dark-haired, shy woman in red dress.

Io, a character in a piece of prequel fiction I'm working on.

Close up of a purple, female  eye.

Bit hard to explain without context, but suffice to say, these are for a couple of long projects. More on that later, maybe.

Fanart-y stuff

Again, a little hard to explain without knowing the fandom, but this also falls under the “for stuff I’ve written” category.


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