Still Life

Some background: Still Life is actually pieces of a project called Reflection, one that I’m unsure I’ll ever finish. It’s a teen/YA novel, taking place within a slightly different rule-set from real-life:

• The multiverse theory (in essence, that there are many parallel universes, and ours is just one of an infinite number) is entirely true.

• In one such multiverse (and so many others, but we’re focusing on one), evolution took a slightly different path; thus, we end up with a universe very close to our own (right down to BT, water bills and jeans), except with magic and… other things. Cue inter-species politics/racism, different laws, etc.

The concept being: what happens when someone from our multiverse discovers theirs? It has pieces of many things – it ended up somehow being a universe-hopping, modern, slightly dark take on Fairyland mythology and growing up. Introspection, backstabbing politics, a little bit of fantasy, the awkwardness of boy-meets-half-fairy-girl, and three teenagers stuck together trying to camp (which is far more hilarious than it has any right to be).

Our three unfortunate protagonists:

• Violet, a reformed, only-half-human thief with really far too many demons for her age;

• Sofia, from this parallel universe with very different rules;

• Seth, son of a now-dead illusionist but otherwise a perfectly normal nobody, who somehow gets dragged into all this.

This timeline would place them all at about fifteen.


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