Big status post: All quiet on the WordPress front… or, not dead. Honestly.

  • There will be more from Melinda, List and Mary – they’re just too much fun, and get too much of a good response, to stop writing – and the mystery/saga of Miss L. Barber, parts 1 and 1.5 will be continued.
  • I think I will be laying Still Life to rest, at least for now: though a labour of love, I’ve sort of lost the drive to continue it and want to make room for a slightly newer project in the works. It feels a little too young-adult-specific¬† to fit in with the stuff I’m currently working on. Violet, Seth and Sofia will get a proper send-off, and it will be soon.
  • Something Wicked, the story that has always been least prioritised on the list and most sporadically updated, will continue, at its own odd, slightly-too-leisurely pace. I like Arthur too much to abandon him.

I have been writing, there hasn’t been a block – it’s simply that it’s either not been good enough to post (I felt, and the WordPress is for the better stuff, not for posting word diarrhoea) or been too far ahead in a story to post without spoiling readers for good, fun future plot.

For those who are new and/or wondering what the hell I’m talking about, this page may be handy.


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