I took a walk in the quiet before everyone’s days began, when the dark blue of the night was just beginning to fade into the grey of the day, and the silence sang. Not an absence of noise, but noise – a ringing, humming emptiness, perfect and still, soothing in how vast it was.

The world was just starting to wake, the occasional light appearing in a window, and yet no-one had seen fit to move, to break the tranquility – with only the calls of a few birds and my footsteps as sounds around me, the world was temporarily, blissfully mine.

I turned the corner, my eyes on the road ahead. Neither the newspapers nor the milk had arrived yet; and so doorsteps lay untouched, light switches neglected, the bustle of the morning routine seeming far away.

I smiled in the silence and walked on, waiting for the sun to rise.

Stretching my descriptive writing legs. Inspired by taking a walk with a friend at stupid o’ clock and being surprised by how… quiet it all was. A sort-of sequel to Neighbourhood.


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