New Year, new header, new stories (a round-up)

Welcome to 2013, folks! Let’s hope it’s going to be a good one.

Yes, the new banner really happened: see the blog top. ^  Those are all stories written in 2012.

Lined up for 2013?

Crossing The River, loads more Past Lives, and a brand new, mysterious sci-fi project.

Happy new year, all!

Last year

Favourite new characters of 2012?

List, Arthur, Melinda and Anne. List is great fun to write – a naive, good-hearted cynic – and Melinda is also fun to write – mysterious and very, very changeable – as are Arthur – an utter, hopeless gentleman – and Anne is enigmatic enough to have great potential.

Favourite new series?

Past Lives. It’s like nothing I’ve ever written, and it’s got the best response so far.

Some differences

Well, after a lot of drawing practice, some things have changed.

Early 2012



Still Life's Violet. (Drawn in March.)

Still Life‘s Violet. (Drawn in March.)


Late 2012



Melinda, of unnamed comic WIP.

"Brushstrokes". Melinda's eye. That unusual scar she has - yeah, she tends to paint over it with a lot of eyeliner.


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