So far: a vague, unfinished sort of timeline for Past Lives

+ Unknown.

+ Sometime (*mumblemumble*) BC/early AD: Melinda starts learning some magic; maybe she was originally one of the Gauls or some of the Welsh before the Romans invaded. Either way, she’s either British or French, but no-one (certainly not me) actually knows. I’m not even sure she remembers.

+ Early AD: Melinda is captured and taken as slave. Escapes master by killing him with his own sword.

+ Somewhere round the 1140s: Resurfaces in the story. Has been making a living and basically staying alive with the same sword from so long ago. Meets Martin. Crossing The River takes place.

+ Unknown. Lots of time as a wandering sword.

+ 1800s: Spends some limited time as a high-society lady in England. Some vague reports of a woman named “Adelaide” matching her description. I have no idea about much of this period.

+1899 – 1918: Spends some time in Ypres. Befriends Paul. Leaves on a ship to Britain at the end of the war, narrowly escaping with her life.

+ 1918 – 1946: Gains a service revolver from an old soldier friend. Spends World War II moving around the UK, mainly in England, and decides to make a new start after living through yet another war.

+ 1928: List is born. His father leaves a few months later.

+ 1945: Melinda buys? rents? a flat with office space from Motimer Ferguson – sets up the M.R. Harrigan detective agency, and List joins her. Recruits Mary the same year.

+ 1947: Established “present” (non-flashback) time in Past Lives.


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