The Character Alphabet Meme

Something that was going round certain circles – mainly fandom circles, not places I tend to write – was the Character Alphabet Meme: the idea of doing twenty-six little drabbles, one for each letter of the alphabet. While I generally prefer to write my own way, and don’t tend to go for exercises to jog inspiration, I feel like a challenge like this could be quite fun now I’m feeling in more shape to write. So I’m going to adapt it for original fiction and do it with the Past Lives crew.

It’s been great fun so far – I did A to D in less than an hour. Let’s see how it goes, and I hope anyone who has been reading the blog (and Past Lives in particular) will like them. I’ve tried to make them reasonably well-edited and standalone; hope they’re as fun to read as they were to write. I want to spotlight Mary a little more, as she tends to get the least attention in Past Lives, and develop everybody’s backstory (even Mort, and I think I’m the only one who remembers Mort).

Here we go!


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