WordPress and admin stuff

Skip if boring. Basically a public service announcement.

On posting frequency/lack of it: Life has been seriously hectic lately. This is mostly positive. However, I’ve still been writing a lot. It’s a bad habit of mine that’s basically stress management; this blog was started because I dearly needed somewhere to put the results. When there tends to be a lull, it’s rarely due to lack of new content – it’s more often because the new stuff isn’t yet good/polished enough for me to put my name to with pride. Strange Digestives is generally reserved for the good stuff. Normal service should resume from here.

The new editor: I actually really like it, particularly the synopsis option. “Update”, “rehaul” and “rejig” have all become terrifying words for me, mainly through a passing acquaintance with Tumblr, but this has all the simplicity of the app with none of the weird layout stuff. I dread to think how slow it’ll be on older browsers and machines, though.

I’ve made a new tag! OK, so that… isn’t actually unusual. (I’m wincing at the overly crowded tag cloud in the sidebar right now, yes. Must do something about the busy layout sometime.) However, as I’ve got more patient with writing, I’ve noticed that some of my stuff is getting long – by my standards, anyway. Some of the wordcounts have made me double take and maybe wince a little. 3000 words + is the tag for these particularly hefty pieces. Now you can find the long short stories more easily. Yes, I know “long short stories” is a dumb oxymoron. Please stop glaring at me.


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