Strange Digestives is three!

(Or was a few days ago.)

Three years. Good grief. This blog is now old enough to be walking. Considering I originally made this blog as a birthday present for myself… Wow, now I feel ancient. Thanks for that.

Anyway, to accompany such a big announcement, here’s another one:

serialisedbanner(Though not much romance. Don’t get your hopes up too high. If you’re a Strange Digestives reader, you’ll rarely have seen my flailing efforts to write romantic fiction, and thank all that’s holy for that. Whenever someone asks for romance, I will gladly write it, especially if it’s a gift, but only after a few moments of doing this.)

Look for the first post sometime this month.

It will be serialised, with proper chapters and everything, rather than the odd drabble format of Past Lives. Speaking of which, Past Lives will continue as usual, sporadic update times, lack of chronological order and all.


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