In which this blogger is Houdini…

…i.e., I do an interesting disappearing act.

Apologies for the complete and utter lack of posts recently. My laptop, which not so coincidentally has the entirety of Light As Air on it, has crapped out on me. The files are accessible, but not currently uploadable. I should be back with some actual content, rather than just vaguely apologetic status updates, very soon.

In other, fairly uninteresting news:

It’s been a Marvel few days for me. Saw Avengers: Age of Ultron and thoroughly enjoyed it, but the standout for me recently has been the Daredevil series. There will probably be a review in a while amongst the stories, even though I know no-one follows me for reviews (I just really, really like it and need to go on about it somewhere, I suppose). Also, I’m thrilled by the fact that their interpretation of Karen Page is basically modern Mary.


One thought on “In which this blogger is Houdini…

  1. M.M.J. Gregory says:

    Oh no! My nightmare! I’m chronically bad at backing up, so I’ve been using Google Drive to copy all of my fiction for a while. I hope you’re able to recover everything.

    Both those things are on my to-watch list. I’m glad to know they’re good.

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