After being voted Official President of the World, Esquire, R –

R’s bookshelves are often strained by her three Nobel Prizes –

After finding the cure for the common cold and launching the first manned mission to a parallel universe, R –

All right, let’s try this again.

R is an awkward English lass who is perhaps overly fond of stories. She’s also fond of long coats: she likes swishing around as if she’s going somewhere important. Often accused of “awful jokes and wilful flippancy” (okay, that’s probably true), she’s also terrible at talking about herself in the third person.

Really, really terrible. Honestly.

I write a fair bit. The stories tend to get chucked on here so that they don’t clog up my head, making me bump into lampposts and get wedgied by the doors of passing buses… Well, I’ll admit that the latter hasn’t happened yet, but the first one has, more than once.

Strange Digestives was an early birthday present to myself that I started four years ago, and for some reason I’ve managed to just about keep blogging since. I try and update at least once every fortnight, but if things get hectic, I can be rather inconsistent. The stories on here tend to be mostly fantasy, but they do veer into creepy territory sometimes, and you will find some fruity language and violence. (Sadly no sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, though.) The things I write tend mostly to be flash fiction with some novel projects, both involving a regular cast of characters, and no, I don’t think half of them will ever make sense. Essays happen very, very occasionally. Mostly it’s fiction; writing about characters is far more fun than writing about me.

Oh, and I can’t whistle. Can we go back to the characters now?


This blog was nominated for a Liebster Award in 2013 by the wonderful M. M. J. Gregory.



8 thoughts on “About

  1. Fae says:

    Thanks! It’s a little rambly, but, well… I speak the same way as I write.

    By the way: From what I’ve seen of it, your own writing’s very interesting, and it’s nice to see someone else who experiments with non-linear stories; flashfic’s a format I enjoy using, and it can be a lot easier to insert emotion into.

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