Characters: Light As Air


Adrian Lamplighter

Role in story: Protagonist. Reluctantly, but he is the protagonist.

Appearance: Tall, lanky, skinny but good shoulders. Blond. Has his mum’s “Irish skin,”i.e., is as pale as some starving waif in a Victorian painting. Bone structure like woah. Would probably be a looker if he ever thought about it. Wears a waistcoat pretty often for the watch.

Occupation: Bookseller. Accidental novel protagonist.

Personality: Could stand to be braver. Total flight rather than fight response; conflict-avoidant as hell. However, doesn’t like seeing Scholars getting mistreated. Old B-movie buff. Doesn’t like blind faith; has to question everything. Telling him “everything will be alright” when he’s injured will just annoy him and make him freak out more.

Habits/Mannerisms: .Eloquent, but tends to word salad a bit when nervous. Says “bollocks” too much. Too many gerunds. Gratuitous capitalisation of everyday phenomena.



Role in story: Co-protagonist. Makes the other protagonist get off his arse and save stuff.

Appearance: Tall, black, a little imposing. Very well-kempt – her entire look screams “understatedly expensive”. Broad round the shoulders. Has a taste for well-tailored suits and quality clothing. Large, intense eyes.

Occupation: Angel, divine agent, etc.

Personality: Can “read” a battlefield and strategise extremely well. Laconic and to-the-point, except when she has a particular reason to care about someone’s feelings. Fond of lemonade, but not overly fond of humans. Finds Adrian… an obstacle more than anything else, and wishes he would just do what he’s told. Charming when she wants to be, if a little awkward. Does not do Feelings, except when she does.


Olivia Lamplighter

Role in story: Co-protagonist. Sister of the protagonist.

Appearance: Practical (traditionally “male”) clothing which creates a certain silhouette, but actually quite slim. Pale, blonde. Attractive and aware of it. Lots of leather, and a ratty pair of Doc Martens she’s had for fifteen years. Bobbed hair. Well-groomed.

Occupation: Big sister. Ex-firefighter.

Personality: Not Scholar, but sympathetic. Promiscuous and thoroughly comfortable with it. Principled. Bright, even if she doesn’t show off about it the way Adrian does.


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