Characters: Past Lives


“Melinda R. Harrigan”

Other known aliases: Aerith, Adelaide, Nathalie

Scan- Melinda Fae

5ft9 approx. | Black hair, blue eyes | Born: ?

Melinda is her name, for the moment. She sounds English but isn’t, looks somewhere in her mid-to-late twenties but is more like two thousand; she’s been travelling, taking new names and identities, for years. Her current one is Melinda, a private investigator in 1947 New York. However, we also see glimpses of her past – she has been many things, from thief to priestess, and we still don’t know the details or extent of her past lives.


Alister “List” Kord

5ft11 | Dark brown hair, brown eyes | Born: 1928

List is seventeen when he meets Melinda; he grows up as the series progresses.

He is practical, cheerful, falsely cynical, careful with money, surprisingly conscientious about cleanliness, and a most excellent coffee-maker.

His main duties were as the office’s resident desk-clearer and producer of hot beverages (see above), but, though young, he has since proven himself as an excellent investigative partner and surprisingly smart.list

Though he has the slightly overgrown, tall-and-lanky look of relative youth, he’s also surprisingly strong; any potential intimidation of… well, anyone, however, is offset by his delightfully tuneless singing to the wireless around the office.

He has a small, hero-worship crush on an oblivious Melinda that is never destined to come to fruition; whether he himself  is aware of this is debatable. He is also desperate to be a snappy dresser, but has never quite got there. Someday…


“Mary”-Ann Coolidge

5ft2 | Blonde hair, brown eyes | Born: 1926

Mary, an ex-waitress, met Melinda in a diner.

She is the secretary, and, though only slightly older than List (Melinda employed her at nineteen), often the voice of reason and normalcy. She appears winning and open, and her friendliness is often what lures clients into Melinda’s office to talk about expenses and investigation rates. She is blonde, petite, curvy, and reasonably pretty – and knows it. Though a little self-conscious about her height, she’s probably the most groomed and least worried about her looks of the three.mary3

Though briefly interested in List, she quickly lost this interest when she grew tired of his infatuation with Melinda. She has several dates and boyfriends as the series progresses, one eventually becoming a more permanent partner.

Though she is very kind to those she trusts and plays at naivete, she is far smarter and more manipulative than she shows. Melinda tactfully pretends to be unaware of this, but has a suspicion it may be useful.


Elizabeth Kord

5ft3 | Dark brown hair, brown eyes

List’s mother. Raised him single-handedly. Allowed him to move in and investigate with Melinda and Mary, and is now starting to (reluctantly) realize that he’s quite the detective in his own right. (She doesn’t know about the demons, or List wouldn’t have a chance in hell of getting out of her house.)



6ft2 | Brown hair, green eyes

Determined, mature, occasionally deadpan-sarcastic healer’s son. Now and again a bit of an idiot, but mostly good company. Patient, steadfast, and far, far smarter than he sometimes pretends to be.


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