Characters: Recurring/Other

 (Chars who aren’t in anything big, but you may run into them around Strange Digestives occasionally.)

Cal (Red)

Basically a gift char for a friend, and I’ve written far more involving him on FictionPress than on here. Sixteen, Scottish, shaggy brown hair, has a tendency to ramble when nervous. Proud barista and worker in his mother’s coffee shop. Diabetic.


“Red” (Red)

Mysterious, rather pretty customer of said coffee shop. Red hair, hazel eyes, English. Bookish and feminine, shy and easily embarrassed.


Death (Various stories)

So many people have had a go at interpreting the personification of Death, and I wanted to make an attempt of my own.

Appearance: Uh… depends on your perception, and what you expect to see.

Personality: Again, to a certain degree, depends on what you expect to find (and whether you’ve scratched, dented or endangered in any way his moped), but he has a few little quirks that remain distinct every time. Gets a little like an irritated traffic warden when impunctual.


Constable Arthur Moorham (Something Wicked)

6ft 3 | Brown hair, blue eyes
Arthur is eighteen, and a put-upon young police officer just trying to do his job; his mother is horrified at his choice of employment when she thinks he easily has the intellect to be something such as a doctor, but he doesn’t care.

He’s trying to prove himself to a sceptical Raylesleigh – he has always been eager to please – and is quite principled, though not to the point that the rules can never be bent.

He’s also slightly fascinated by the mysterious Anne.


Anne (Something Wicked)

5ft5 | Black hair, black eyes
Carries a rather fatal umbrella. Fed up with etiquette and general state of Victorian era. Confident and forward. For now, a slight enigma.


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