Extras: Past Lives


Alternative (terrible) taglines:

  • Sometimes the femme fatale is the detective. (Almost used that, actually.)
  • Sexy just got scary.
  • Demons! Detectives! Drinking! Something else beginning with D!


A timeline of events, for clarification:

+ Unknown.

+ Sometime (*mumblemumble*) BC/early AD: Melinda starts learning some magic; maybe she was originally one of the Gauls or the Welsh before the Romans invaded. Either way, she’s either British or French, but no-one (certainly not me) actually knows. I’m not even sure she remembers.

+ Early AD: Melinda is captured and taken as slave. Escapes master by killing him with his own sword.

+ Somewhere round the 1140s: Resurfaces in the story as Aerith (her first alias). Has been making a living and basically staying alive with the same sword from so long ago. Meets Martin. Crossing The River takes place.

+ Unknown. Lots of time as a wandering sword.

+ 1800s: Spends some limited time as a high-society lady in England. Some vague reports of a woman named “Adelaide” matching her description. I have no idea about much of this period.

+1899 – 1918: Spends some time in Ypres. Befriends Paul. Leaves on a ship to Britain at the end of the war, narrowly escaping with her life.

+ 1918 – 1946: Gains a service revolver from an old soldier friend. Spends World War II moving around the UK, mainly in England, and decides to make a new start after living through yet another war.

+ 1928: List is born. His father leaves a few months later.

+ 1945: Melinda buys? rents? a flat with office space from Mortimer Ferguson – sets up the M.R. Harrigan detective agency, and List joins her. Recruits Mary the same year.

+1946: List has a couple of close calls with demons, and, after some thought, decides to stay with the agency and keep demon hunting. He turns eighteen a couple of months later.

+ 1947: Established “present” (non-flashback) time in Past Lives.


Drawings, character concepts etc.

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Mixtapes – soundtracks for Melinda, List and Mary

These songs, due either to their lyrics, their mood or both, make me think of the Past Lives team. Mixes are on 8tracks.

Past Lives: The Enigma

Past Lives: The Protege

Past Lives: The Secretary


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