Extras: Scraps & First Chapters

Scraps and first chapters

Projects I haven’t had the time or the inspiration to elaborate on. Basically, ideas which aren’t coherent/polished enough to post on the main blog and that I’m 95% sure won’t be continued, but might be of interest to, er… completionists?

Thought & Memorya project which actually became something else I’m working on. A woman wakes up in hospital with a year of her memories missing. All she knows is that the bookshop owner down the road looks dreadfully familiar, and he keeps avoiding her eyes… Mythology! Angels! World-shaking battles! Snogging! First chapter is here. 2013. (Update: This became part of my NaNoWriMo 2014 project, Light As Air. You can check it out over at the Ongoing Stories page, if you want to.)

Crew, my first tentative step into sci-fi for a while. Ensemble cast of misfits living in a ship and saving the world. Cliche-ridden but genuinely fun. First chapter as a .doc here. 2012.



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