Finished stories

Projects on this page have been laid to rest and will no longer be receiving updates. However, they’re still archived and readable, so feel free to take a look – just click the story/series’ title.


Well, there’s a whole archive of flash fiction and self-contained tales in the Short Stories category. You can also access the stories by clicking here.

Still Life


 What if fairies had evolved from a common ancestor with humans, as had humans with magical abilities? What if this had happened in a parallel universe very like and right next to our own? What if some from this universe could travel to ours, and what of the children caught between two universes?

Still Life attempts to answer some of these questions in a teen identity tale where illusionist boy meets half-fairy girl…

Still Life is made up of snapshots and character vignettes – a novel never written.

It involves Violet, half-fairy reformed thief with serious trust issues; Seth, son of a late magician with an unbending moral code and a sleight-of-hand that shouldn’t match it; and Sofia, well-spoken and naive only in our world, a witch locked for years in The Home with her oppressive family’s clan. Also Mark and Io, Violet’s late parents, who met in an office – well, all fairy tales have to start somewhere.

This and a corrupt Faerie Queen determined to wipe out the “half-forms”: people like Violet.

In short: the world is saved. A girl finds the courage to stand up to her family, and two unhappy teenagers find solace in the form of each other.

This may eventually be resurrected, but not for a while.

Where can I find the ending? The final vignette, Dog Days Are Over, is here, but the chronological end of the story, Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking, is here.


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